South Maui Triathlon - June 13th, 2010
So I decided to do a triathlon with Team In Training! I'm going to do the Olympic distance:
swim .93 mile/cycle 24 mi./run 6.2 mi. all in one morning in Maui!!!!

Training started 4 weeks ago and I am already able to swim a mile, utilizing bi-lateral breathing techniques, change a tire, and operate an Allen wrench. Not bad for a non-technical athlete of a certain age.

Tonight I will swim for an hour using some of my newly acquired skills. More photos will be posted soon,


Sat. morning run - Labor Day Weekend 2009
We've run a lot of long runs this season. The longest so far for me was a 10-miler. This weekend we'll run a short one: 55 minutes. Here's the route:
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It will be in Golden Gate Park, my favorite place to run. It's my home turf since I live just 2 blocks away. I hope the weather is gorgeous again because last Saturday was really hot -- 75 degrees by 9:00 a.m.

I'll report more after the run including some photos.

Happy running!

9 mile run - the longest so far this season

Our team ran 9-12 miles depending on whether we are training for a half or full marathon. Marco and I ran 9 - he hadn't run more than 5 miles up to that point so I convinced him to nearly double that distance. We ran slowly but surely and made it. I must be more than twice his age so I feel pretty darn good about my accomplishment. I hope he isn't too sore now--or sore at me!

The weather was perfect for a long run. We started at Ocean Beach, went into Golden Gate Park, thru the park to Sunset Boulevard (not the one in the movie--there's one in San Francisco, too)and half way around Lake Merced, then back the same way. Nine miles is a long way but we did it. Here's the course map:

We finished off our training session with a half hour yoga for runner's class on the grass in Golden Gate Park. A perfect end to a perfect run. I love this summer season. GO TEAM!

6:00 AM Buddy Run
Up at 5:00 AM, got ready for the early buddy run in Golden Gate Park, had my coffee, put Scooter (my mini Schnauzer) in the car & I was off. I met Cole who just joined this group. Hard to say group anymore since it is usually just 2 of us. Today Cole and I ran an easy 45 minutes because of our long training run on Sat. Cole ran 5 miles and I ran 8. So we took it easy today.

We stretched at the Conservatory of Flowers,

and then around Stowe Lake to where we could see the pagoda

before circling behind the CA Academy of Sciences where we entered the Shakespeare Garden. Cole said she had never seen it. We tried to remember some lines but all I could think of was "Out damn spot" which was totally inappropriate for the moment.

We climbed down the steps to enter the AIDS Memorial Grove. Cole said she had been there 8 years ago and it had become very lush since then.

Seeing the city while training to run a half marathon is a great way to explore where you live --or anywhere you are traveling. It gives you a different perspective than you could get by car. If you aren't a runner, just get out there and walk. You will be amazed at the beauty you can find just a few miles from your own back yard.

Water or Gatorade?
Water or Gatorade?

Happy Hour Fundraiser at Pier 23 in San Francisco

My friend Ivana and I hosted a fun-filled Happy Hour event to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the reason I'm doing all this crazy running with Team In Training. Our team raised more than $130,000 so far since June! We raised $2700 in less than 3 hours at Pier 23 so thank you to all my generous family, friends and travel industry executives who showed up, checks and credit cards in hands, to help fund cancer research.

We had a Silent Auction with 25 items, including 2 tickets to Graceland to tour Elvis Presley's home, a 4-week Boot Camp, San Diego Zoo tickets, Alcatraz Cruises, Hornblower Cruises, and 3 hotel stays (2 in San Francisco and 1 in Monterey with Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets). Thanks to all the donors and Pier 23 for your incredible generosity.

There were also lots of door prizes including tickets to Legoland in San Diego, gift cards for Sports Basement, one of the largest and best suppliers of athletic gear & clothing and a huge Team In Training supporter, Starbucks gifts, spa passes, & fitness club passes. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun, especially the winners.

I am so excited about helping others on our team create successful fundraisers. In fact, we have a clinic this week to teach them how to do it. GO TEAM!!

The Longest Run this season
This morning was our team's longest run to date. I ran 8 miles today; my longest team run this season. Yet instead of running with the team, while they ran I was stationed at the 1st water stop with my friend Anastajza, helping hydrate the team with H20 and Gatorade. To fit my own run in, I had to run solo after the team finished. Anastajza is running a full marathon tomorrow: The San Francisco Marathon. The water stop was much more fun with Anastajza and I really appreciated her company. She was also on our team last summer, in the group I mentored, and ran the full marathon. I’m so proud of her.

The run we did today was gorgeous. It was difficult because of all the hills. But at first for the first 2 miles it was flat and fast, starting in Crissy Field, a well used and beautifully landscaped part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We reached The Golden Gate Bridge and then turned back to climb into the trails of the Presidio, the National Park with its fantastic views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and its scenic hilly shoreline. We passed some fabulous homes that I would assume were once officers homes when the Presidio was home to the U.S. Army. Now lucky residents get to rent them and live in a stunning national park.

The course today was largely on trails where cars can’t go so I felt very liberated knowing that I didn’t have to worry about traffic. Trails feel much better than asphalt on your feet. Yeah. The cool moist air made this mid-summer run quite enjoyable. San Francisco’s summers benefit from the fog – it’s our natural air conditioning. I love living here and being able to access outdoor recreational areas year-round.

When I got home, my feet were really sore. But it was worth it. Can’t wait until the next long run next Saturday. Oh, and then I checked the mail and there was a big check from my high school pal, Marcia, who got the news through FaceBook that I'm raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team In Training. I've reached my first goal but I still want to continue fundraising so if you or anyone reading this wants to make a donation of any size, even $1.00, please go on this website. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Lands End Run - July 11, 2009

We ran on a cold and overcast summer day. Mark Twain is reputed to have said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Just look at the fog in the photo of the coastline and you will see why.

Our team ran between 4 and 8 miles, depending on whether you will ultimately run a half or full marathon. We started at the ocean,--check the photo for coach Ryan Bartling showing us the route--I'm in the white cap to the left of the coach --

up the very loooong hill past the Cliff House, into the trail at Lands End, past the Legion of Honor museum, down the hill into Sea Cliff, past Robin Williams' home and back again. I actually ran 6+ miles. I say "plus" because I didn't see the turn-around mark for 6 milers, so I did a little extra training. The course was VERY hilly, which is great to prepare us for the Nike route which will traverse many of San Francisco's famous hills.

I can really feel that our track workouts are helping improve my endurance. I had so much energy, especially running uphill. It was a great run!

Golden Gate Park coached run
This morning our team ran in Golden Gate Park at 8:00 a.m. It was crisp and sunny but we ran mostly in the shade. I ran 4 miles. The first 2 were uphill and it was tough but then I turned around and gravity was my friend. The highlight was running past the windmill and seeing the ocean across the Great Highway.

Running on a track at Kezar Stadium
Part of training for an endurance event entails challenging yourself to increase your speed. We train with our 3 coaches weekly at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. It has a great surface and is bordered on one side by beautiful Golden Gate Park. I am getting faster but still at the back of the pack. My real challenge is stamina. Greater endurance will come over time. I'm certain of this.

Our team is fundraising to help cure Leukemia, Lymphoma and related blood cancers. Please donate to my cause by clicking on the link to my fundraising website:

Any amount is welcome! Thank you. And happy running.



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